Monday, October 12, 2020

Goblin tutorial #9

 I used an air brush and then hand-painted...

Wrapped arms with yarn then dressed!

Goblin tutorial #8

Neck should be the green one you made. Take it out and slide in needle tool through the body.

attach arms and legs


cover hole with clay

Thread head through body, tie knot.

Goblin tutorial #7

 Goblin legs...

Hold up for positioning. They will be about 1/4" or more away from the torso.

Use cake wire here. I used what I had on hand but cake wire is better.
Punch holes for the wire to go into after baking.

Add the feet and prop up on foil for baking. 10 min.

Goblin tutorial #6

Making the torso

Make an indent holefor the neck and test fit it.

I stopped here and made the legs (Next post)
Add a belly button if you like!

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Goblin tutorial #5 HANDS

 These are made similar to the feet.

Goblin tutorial #4 FEET


Use cake wire! (Paper covered wire.) Here I used some black wire I had on hand but cake wire would have been better. These were the first goblins I made. You learn more and more as you keep creating.