Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ophelia's Dollhouse Attic

The eerie attic is coming along. Sooooooo many craft sticks!
For the walls with the wallpaper, I only did a small area of craft sticks, then glued down mat board for the rest of the wall. This way when the wallpaper went down there was no noticeable edges to the wood spots.
I started with the floor by gluing down wider craft sticks and staining them with water based wood stain. Then I brushed a gray wash over them a few times to give the impression of many years of dirt and dust.

Once I got all of the wall/ceiling craft sticks glued down, I stained them with a water based wood stain then put a red and brown paint wash over them. One that was dry I did a black wash in all of the corners and edges. The wallpaper was scrapbook paper that already had an aged look. I used Yes paste to paste it down then ripped it and smacked it with a steeped teabag. Haha I can't say I have ever smacked any thing with a steeped teabag before! I still have to darken the paper edges a bit more, but it's definitely headed in the direction I hoped it would.


  1. Hi Auralea! Your attic is very good! I like the look of the walls and the floor. They are well aged and look like they have a good story to tell. :))


  2. I love the image of you smacking the wall with a tea bag, but really, that is a great idea! I can't wait to see the finished project.