Sunday, February 11, 2018

Elf miniature kitchen

Because my elf tree house kitchen is so small I have to make all of the pieces myself so they will fit.

I was really nervous about the cooking wood stove, but am very happy with how it turned out!
Mat board, paper and glue, and then a jewelry embalmment, paint, and pins.
For the oven rack I used wire and Super Glue.
Here are some photos to show how I did it.

The sink and the hutch was made from wood. The hutch legs are obviously stair spindles.

The metal washing tub was made from paper, thread, and wire. Then I painted it.

I still want to add two nature themed paintings to the hutch door insets. Lots more to do! Thanks for stopping by.:)


  1. Gorgeous! And your stove is ingenious!

  2. Me encanta como ha quedado la cocina de leña. Muy bonito el diseño.

  3. !Wooo espectacular¡, he disfrutado los pasos de su realización, felicidades por este trabajo tan fantástico:-)

  4. Absolutely BRILLIANT! The body of the stove is Fantastic but that stovepipe is Out of this World Clever! YOU ROCK!!!!


  5. Your stove is as Elizabeth says, absolutely brilliant. Building up mat board and paper is so smart to get the detail you want. You would never know the finished product was built this way unless you picked it up and felt the weight! Ingenious stove pipe design also!