Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Miniature eyeball rose

Halloween is my favorite holiday because you never know what to expect. I think it is the one holiday that pushes people to think outside of the box. Every year I like to add a little more Halloween to my Ophelia dollhouse. So this year I thought I would make use of some miniature roses that were in my stash. These are very popular and come in many colors. I only had pink, but I made them work.

First, take some small scissors and snip out the inside of your roses.

Then, using a small brush, paint your roses with red acrylic paint if you don’t have the red roses.

Roll some white polymer clay into small balls that will fit in the center of the rose.

Cut them in half with your craft knife. Try rolling your knife forward and backwards as you cut to get a straight cut. Don’t squish it. Bake following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once they are cool, place them on a piece of blue tape sticky side up that had been folded over on the sides so it sticks to the surface.

Get some green paint and a toothpick and carefully paint the iris of the eyeball. Let dry.

Get some black paint and a toothpick and carefully paint the pupil of the eyeball. Let dry.

Get some gloss varnish and a toothpick and carefully coat the eyeball. Let dry.

Put a drop of Tacky Glue in the center of the rose and place the eyeball in there. Let dry.

Use a very fine brush and paint red paint around the eye as if red petals were overlapping it.

Find a vase. I rubbed blue paint on a bead that come in packs from the craft store. These are great for vases.

I filled mine with some paper clay and pushed in my rose stems. Then snipped some plastic fern I had and used Tacky Glue to adhere them on top. Let everything dry and place your spooky roses in your miniature scene.

If you by chance can’t get the 80s song by Rockwell, “I always feel like somebody’s watching me…” out of your head just sing, “Up, up, and away in my beautiful balloon”. I don’t know how, but that little verse always pushes a nagging melody right out of my head.