Sunday, November 8, 2009

Painting Your Dollhouse

Painting your Dollhouse is easy and quick! You can use paints from the craft store, they have a large selection to choose from. But remember it will look a little darker/brighter then the sample on the lid of the paint bottle. I bought a foam roller first but it ate up all my paint and was a little sloppy to work with. Then I went to the hardware store and got this roller...

This roller works great!
Tip: Use a tupperware dish for a paint tray, only squirt as much paint as the roller will pick up at a time. Once you have used up all the paint in the tray put the roller in the tray with a damp small rag or paper towel and cover with a plastic bag or plastic wrap. The damp rag will keep the air inside moist so the paint won't dry while you are waiting to put on your second coat!

Use Blue paint tape if you have to section off an area to paint.

These rollers can be rinsed out when you are done so you can use them over and over. If you hold the handle with the roller on it under the faucet just right it will spin and spin and you can move it back and forth to get the paint out.