Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mediterranean Villa 1:12 scale Doll House - 2009

A Spanish Villa with Spanish, Moroccan, Mexican and Italian influences. It’s name is Casa de la pavo...... (House of the peacock) I still have to make the house sign to hang at the steps. and how they live their lives. This house will never be finished. There are lots more rugs and treasure to add as I find them. I am hoping to sculpt the residents and ad them in as well.

The grass is dried moss. The pebble path is made from sesame seeds. The flooring under the bench is made up of crushed oyster shells. You may recognize some of the plants from Nature’s Soul Inventory! As well as many new creations. The fountain was a challenge but turned out great!

Residents: Salena-Flamenco Dancer, Husband: Nino-Mariachi from Mexico. Isabella Daughter 11 years old. Princesa-the little Doggy! I read once that the house becomes more interesting to the viewer if you come up with the story of the residents Salina and Nino are getting ready for a big dinner party on the veranda. With twinkle lights and a warm summer breeze. It will be the perfect night!

The island still needs to have a meal being prepared. The fridge is great! This was my big purchase for this room. I made the island and sink front and oven/fireplace. I cut apart an existing counter for the stove.
I used cork scrapbook paper and covered it with clear sticky paper to create a granite counter top. The ceramic birds to the right on the stove were earrings that were marked down at a Department store!

Rustic Charm! I made the dinning table and found these 2 wonderful antique chairs that I used for end chairs. I still need to hang a big ornate mirror over the buffet. I faux finished sandpaper and glued it to the walls. And added wood beams on the ceiling.

I used a room divider screen to hang the guitars on. I built the fireplace out of cardboard and covered it in stucco. All the stucco you see is tile adhesive grout from the hardware store or painted rough low grit sandpaper. I created a cove in the wall for the Madonna shrine and hand painted a charm to look authentic. All the pillows are hand made by me!

Flamenco dancers closet. I made the dresses my self. That was difficult! This room is where she has all her show posters and photos from her career and of course her shoes! I would like to find an ornate small vanity to add in here.

The stair rails were a challenge but I managed to glue some posts and wood together and bend wire to make it look like wrought iron,. Still looking for the perfect runner rug. I hand painted the wardrobe and made a small bed for the tiny dog.

Oh the passion in this room! I made the bed and the vanity stool covering. I want more jewelry to hang over the vanity.

Check out the ceiling. Another scrapbook paper find! I custom built the sink frame, the inset shelf over the tub and tub pedestal and shower. I still have to add rugs and toiletries. I created the door pattern on my computer and printed it out to put on the doors. Same for all the wall tile work and wall border. The toilet hides behind the shower stall.

All lite up at night!