I am a freelance graphic designer and my #1 client is Ashdown Publishing. For them I am the editor/designer for American Miniaturist Magazine and Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine! I am also a mixed media artist/miniatures artist.  I have loved miniatures since I was a teen.
Years ago I had a mini business selling flowers and gardens, hence the name, Nature's Soul Miniatures.

I have written a series of books titled, Ophelia Under the Day Moon. You will see some reference to Ophelia through a dollhouse on this blog. If you would like to learn more about her you can vist

~Auralea Krieger


  1. Auralea,

    I am new (sorta) to the miniature world. I came upon your blog through Pinterest and I am so intrigued by your writing here. I have a similar nexus of interests...fine art (painting and photography influenced by miniatures), writing (which for some reason I can never get to plot...only character development and setting....hmmmm) and interests in miniatures (which I have been sorta circling around since I was in my early twenties)....I am hoping to continue following your blog. I am also interested in how the miniature world intersects with narrative and "larger" art world. (I once saw an awesome show at Mass MOCA museum entitled "Supermodel" which really addressed this ...around the year 2000 I think...Then there is the whole thing in the more pop culture world with Lena Dunham's movie Tiny Furniture and her mother's work.....).....anyhow.....I really like that your blog here is bringing all these things together...with some great "how to's" as well.....

    1. Thank you Elizabeth.
      I am also a mixed media artist and have written three book that are on amazon. So I like the idea of combining everything.
      Character development is the funnest part I think. While I was writing Ophelia’s story the characters began to take on their own personalities. I gave them their start but the plots would evolve them into their own. I didn’t even realize this until i looked over the third book.
      The funny thing as well was when I stepped back and looked at the art I made for the stories the children were growing up right before my eyes!
      So much fun! ( )

      I think miniatures allows you to play with character development. You set the scene for the resident and they begin to come alive.
      I have just started another house ( ) from scratch and have most of the characters in my head. I just wish I could finish the building process so I can start adding stories and the dolls to the house. The fun part! Haha
      The house is looking so serious, but once I add the decorating and the characters it will be madness!
      Thanks for your kind words. :)