Monday, October 25, 2010

Published Features and Tutorials...

2011  Dollhouse Miniature Magazine
May/June 2011 ISSUE 21
 Beach house porch/Whindchimes

March/April 2011 ISSUE 20
 Hydrangeas and Easter baskets

2010  Dollhouse Miniature Magazine

January/February 2010 ISSUE 13
    My Villa (shown above)

May/June 2010 ISSUE 15
    "Fabulous Flowers Always in Bloom" "Wreath Tutorial" "Making Curtains"

July/August 2010 ISSUE 16
    Twilight Pixies

September/October 2010 ISSUE 17
    Mini's On A Budget

November/December 2010 ISSUE 18
    Christmas Trees and Wreaths

American Miniaturist
June 2009 ISSUE #74
    My Gardens
June 2010 ISSUE #86
    Sculpting Babies
July 2010 ISSUE #87
    My Surfer House

As of October 2013 I became the Editor for American Miniaturists Magazine. I will have tutorials and features in this publication periodically.  If you haven't seem AM recently you should check it out! It has great tutorials and I am finding lots of amazing miniature artists to feature.

As of May 2014 I am also the Editor for Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine. My first issue as editor will be August/September!