Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Miniature biscuits and gravy

When we start to feel the first fall chill in the air we immediately start to crave comfort foods to warm up our tummies. So here is a classic comforting Southern dish for your dollhouse table setting.

Mix together translucent, light tan, and yellow polymer clay. Just start with a tiny bit of yellow and add more if needed.

Sprinkle some corn starch on your wax paper and roller and roll out the clay to a mini biscuit thickness.

Use the tube from a pen or a straw to cutout your biscuits.
Tap them on all sides with an old toothbrush for some realistic texture.

Tap the tops with some crumpled up tin foil. Be sure to press it a bit on a hard surface first, you don’t want to cut into the biscuits with the foil.
Use your stylus tool to make an indent all around the center sides of each biscuit.

Put your biscuits on your tile if you haven’t already. Tap a little to get them to stick. I noticed this is easier when working with Sculpey verses Fimo brand.

Line up your pastel sticks and add light yellow around the sides and top with a small paint brush and then add the darker yellow, then the red/brown, and then brown on the top and the very bottom of the sides. (I also added a bit more brown to the base edges after they were cooked with my finger.)

Bake following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once cool, glue one leaning on the other. I used a tiny spot of Tacky Glue but if you have some Bake and Bond use that.

I wrapped my plate with foil so my gravy would take the shape of my favorite plates. This way I can switch out the meals and use my same set of dishes.

Roll out a small amount of a brown clay and a grey/brown clay for the meat.

Use your needle tool to scrape away very tiny pieces. Put them on a scrap piece of foil with the edges curved up so they wont spill during transport, and bake for only 10 minutes. Once cool, crumble them with your fingers. If needed use a razor to cut them into smaller bits.

Make a blob of liquid polymer for the gravy. Scrape a small pile of white and a small bit of yellow pastel using a blade. Then mix in your “meat”.

Place over the biscuits with puddles of clay on the sides.

Bake following the manufacturers instructions.

Once cool, paint the biscuits with matt varnish and satin varnish on the gravy. Let dry.

Peel the meal off of the foil and place on your favorite plate to set the scene!