Saturday, March 24, 2018

Easter Bunny sighting

Little Elizabeth thought the Easter Bunny would be a bit chilly while delivering his eggs in the early morning.
So she left him some warm tea and sweet treats. Secretly hoping to see him for herself, she took her time making sure the display of cookies was perfect. When she heard a rustling in the garden she quickly hid behind the post to have a peek.
He was much taller than she had imagined but his white coat just as fluffy.

His nose twitched and ears turned as he hopped onto the porch to enjoy his warm tea and a delicious cookie.
She could barely breathe as she stayed hidden behind him in the corner of the porch. With a twinkle in his eye and a few hops he was once again in the garden and on his way.

She watched as he left and gathered the sky blue egg that he tucked away in the flower bed.
Elizabeth thought the Easter Bunny was not aware of her spying eye. But you can be sure he is only seen when he wishes to be seen. Perhaps this magical sighting was a little present for her thoughtfulness and generosity.

Beautiful doll made by Iris Bodenbender. Easter bunny made by me! (Bunny has bendable arms, legs torso, and ears. Head turns. Sculpted, furred and dressed))