Thursday, December 18, 2008

Creating a Story

While I am waiting to get new photos of my Villa I thought I would share somethings that I have learned along the way. I wanted to talk about staging and creating an atmosphere in your little house. It's all personal preference of course but I find the houses I like the most have small stories all around them if you look close. Above is a story about a naughty kitten getting into a basket of yarn. Or a surfer barbecue with lots of grub.

FYI those chips are dried bell pepper seeds! Just scrape them out of the pepper as you are slicing it for dinner. Put them on a paper towel and let them dry out. Pour them into a tiny bowl and let your imagination take over!

I read a while ago that the best way to achieve a story is to really dig deep into who the residents are. What are their names/careers/hobbies, what time of day is it? Capture a moment in time. Also I find when it's packed with things and there is tighter spaces the more I'm drawn in. This is hard for me because I like a spacious room in real size life! If you have a tight budget and make a lot of the items yourself be sure to spend a little on a few important fancy pieces this will make the room feel like you spent more then you actually did.

I also highly recommend aging things a bit. I know new things are so nice to look at but just by adding a little wear and tare to the center of each step of the stairs or ash build up around the fire place. Things that make a home lived in. Well that's all I have time for right now. ; )



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