Sunday, August 3, 2014

On old dollhouse carriage for the attic

Finally! I had some time to make a small section of the attic. I purchased one of those ordinary black carriages a while ago with a vision of it becoming old and used with a romantic feel. After researching some antique buggies online I went to work!

I had some old wicker blinds that I cut up for the sides. You could use a wicker placement too. Then I ran a cord along the edges where the sides meet the bottom piece. I used a hot glue gun.

Then I hot glued the fabric on as well as some trimming.
I painted the wicker and cord in a brown, then highlighted it with a quick brushing of light tan,
then a light grey for a dusty effect. I covered all of the "top" portions of the carriage in a light grey wash to make it look dusty.
Oh and, of course, pressed my steeped tea bag on the fabrics. Love my tea bags!!


  1. What a lovely project with great results, Auralea! I love the lace trims and the softness of your chosen fabric!


    1. Thanks Elizabeth! he fabric was an old linen skirt that always wrinkled so I never wore it. It came in handy! Haha