Sunday, December 14, 2014

antiqued mirror in miniature

I was given this little mirror as a gift and I knew right away I wanted it to be an attic treasure. After researching online about how to age a mirror I found some really cool techniques for a life size mirror using a piece of glass, but had to come up with my own solution for a mini mirror.

It's a pretty basic technique, but I thought maybe someone out there would like to know...

First, I used a course brush to stipple on some grey paint and dabbed it immediately with a crumpled up napkin. Then stippled spots of black and dabbed it again.

I cut a piece of shiny acetate and put it in the mirror hole and then put the mirror in behind it.
Even though old mirrors are chipped and discolored the fronts are still shiny. Because the paint dulled the shine, the acetate helped to give it a shiny effect.

I painted the mirror cream and rubbed some brown charcoal on it with a course brush before I assembled it. Such a fun addition to the attic!


  1. Hi Auralea! I think that your new/old mirror is GRAND! I love the scale of it and that it is leaning up against that end wall that repeats the shape of the mirror wonderfully. I also have enjoyed the aging of the mirror itself and what a difference it makes to the scene. I Love mirrors especially because they add more space and dimension within a room. You have created a wonderful and interesting addition for your attic. Well Done!!!