Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Miniature Christmas garland

What better way to dress up the stairs and fireplace than to add a festive string of garland with big red bows!

This is a super easy little project that will definitely be more fun with Christmas music playing. So set up a Pandora Christmas station or line up some holiday CDs in your player and let’s get creative!

Cut a thin green wire the length of your garland. Fold the end over.

Pinch off three small sections, of lycopodium, also known as prince's pine,princess pine or erica moss. 

Wrap green thread around the small bunch as well as the wire about five times and then overlay another bunch and wrap the thread around where the two bunches meet and then down to the end of that second bunch.

Basically you want each bunch of three to overlap over and over down the line.

Then add another bunch and wrap the thread in the same way and the same direction you did the very first two.

Continue this until you get to the desired length.

Once you come to the end of the strand put a dap of glue there and wrap the thread into it. Bend the end of the wire into the glue as well and let it dry.

Once dry you can snip the thread away. 

Use a small pair of scorers to trim the garland shorter if desired.


  1. This is a lovely garland and I really appreciate your demonstrating how you've made yours as I had previously tried and failed. I also like the natural way that you have managed to drape the garland. Well Done and Thank You!!! :D