Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dollhouse battery pack wires for a wall sconce

I was on the fence about sharing this one because it could be better, but then I thought the general ideas here could help someone and then they could make it better.

I strung a battery pack lighting system under the shingles of my cottage and stored the battery part in the chimney. The bulbs come through the roof and are hidden behind the beams upstairs but I saved two strings to go in the back corner of the first level.

First I drilled two holes in the wall for the bulls to slip through with my Dremel.

Then I cut an oval from mat board and drilled two holes. I made notches for the wire to slip into so the hole would stay large enough for the bulb. I bent my wires and Super Glued them to the back.

The holes needed more work to get the bulbs through so I used my knife to dig them out. Yeah, then I cut  myself. I quick rinse, dab of Neosporin, a band aid and I was good to go. Be careful with your knife!

Test to be sure your bulbs will go through.

This is where I could have done a better job. Pull both of your wires through the hole so they are at the same length. Start wrapping one from the base to the top. It took me a few times to get the length right for this. Before you do the final wrap pull the other wire to the same as the one you are ready to wrap for the last time. Hopefully you can wrap yours tighter and cleaner than mine. Then Super Glue the top of the electrical wire to the tip of the metal wire.

Mine moved when I discovered my finger was Super Glued to them.

You may better off just running them flat along your wire and gluing them down. I might do it that way if I were to do it again.

Add an embellishment to the oval for decoration and paint everything.

Cut some card stock (thicker paper) and glue it around the sconce edges. Note: Because there are two metal wire on the back that part pulls away from the wall. Wrap your paper to compensate for that. Have it hang over the back on the top part and stay flush on the bottom part. I wrapped once and a half. Paint and let dry.

I filled int he holes with Tacky Glue and put Tacky Glue on the back of the sconce and pulled the wires through. Have some blue tape handy and tape the wires down on the outside until it dries.

I made two little shades from scrapbook paper. I cheated to get them to stay on my wires. I crumpled up a small piece of paper and glued it into the shade on the seam side. I wanted the seams to both face the back wall. So I used a toothpick to put Tacky Glue on the far side of the wires just under the bulbs. Then I slipped on the shades and made sure the glue was adhered to the crumpled up pieces of paper inside.
Unless you have a dollhouse critic who is 5” tall reviewing your dollhouse know one will ever know!
I will be covering up the wire on the outside with a rose vine.

A little wonky, but the light will be nice. :)

I have one piece of trim to glue to the front of this cottage and then I will share it with all of you!


  1. Gracias por el tutorial , la iluminación del dormitorio te ha quedado muy cálida.Feliz domingo:-)