Saturday, January 21, 2017

Santa's Cottage

It is Christmas Morning (2am) and Santa is home from a busy night! What better way to unwind then watch TV with Mrs. Santa and eat cookies!  I will be adding to this cottage every December. :)

The elves were told to only send cards, no presents because they don;t have the room. But one little elf was naughty and sent peppermint sticks!

I asked a non-miniaturist friend what Santa would be watching on TV and he answered, 
"Dancing with the Stars". We couldn't stop giggling thinking about it.

Sweet Bow got a pink teddy for Christmas.

No time to make the beds on such a busy day.


  1. I am really enjoying your after Christmas, Christmas scene Auralea! I especially like seeing Mr. and Mrs. Claus snuggled down under their warm blankies watching "Dancing with the Stars" on their flat screen T.V.
    Now that is what I call "Chillin' Out! "

    1. Thanks! I actually made it right up until Xmas Eve. I only just posted it. I did the whole thing in two months! Never did a build that fast! Haha

      Oh I saw your rustic balcony scene yesterday and just love how you age metals! The door with the old "iron" knocker is still on my mind. Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! Mr an Mrs Claus are so cute in this funny scene.

  3. Such a cute house! I love all your Christmas-ey details. Santa's slippers are darling and so is the cushion under his arm. Love the twin beds and the icicles and frost on the windows are so well done! What did you use for that.

    1. Thank you so much! I used plastic forks and Golden gel medium-matte. I will have a tutorial for the icicles in American Miniaturist December issue 2017.