Monday, February 9, 2009

Lost and Found

So how many times have you picked something up off the ground and thought "Hmmm I wonder where that came from?" Well put it in a jar and one day you will know just what to use it for. I found this strange tiny gold vessel shaped thing one day, held onto it then I needed something that looked like a shower head. Viola!! I glued it onto a soap hanger I bought!

Then 2 weeks ago I was walking in the parking lot and found a puppy dog charm! Once lost but now he is a little puppy that needs a good home! You can't tell in the photo but he has a little pink nose and belly. Let me know if anyone would like to adopt him.

There are some other items that work great for little details. A cake icing tool for a trash can.

Beads make great figurines. Here is a buda statue in the bathroom and a turtle in the living room.

This is the best time of year to find things in the garden because they are already dried out. I found these within old seed pods of some weeds years ago. I broke them up to look like pasta!
Have fun searching for unexpected treasures!


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