Thursday, February 19, 2009

Starting a New Dollhouse

Mariska said...
Hi Auralea,

Thank you soooo much for doing a blog. I just got my doll house from my mom, from when I was a child, and I am dying to refurbish it, to look beautiful. It is just a plain old house, that needs lots of TLC. It has spent ages in the garage, so it is dusty and a little damaged. I have never done anything like this, so all your tips and advise have come in really handy.

I would love to send you some before and after pics, (one day when I have finished it). Please keep posting some ideas.

February 19, 2009 3:49 AM

Thanks for your feedback! Wow that sounds like an exciting project. That is how I started. My mom bought me a 3 story house when I was 16. I didn't really work on it until I was in my late 20's. I fixed it up and sold it. Then I was able to get the Tudor House Kit. So I am 40 now and still buying them! The last one...The Villa, I built from my own design, this new one was a kit.
I plan on it to be a beach cottage! Here it is in it's raw format! Ohhh the possibilities!
Definitely take photos as you work. I would love to post them. I will be posting my progress on this one as well.

Here is a link that may help for anyone wanting to install electricity. I am forgoing it this time only because there always seems to be one or 2 lights that don't work and I want more freedom in decorating this time. With electricity you have to do some planning ahead. It is worth it if it is something you want to do. You can get a good priced electricity kit at Get on the emailing list and wait for a 25% off sale. The have them frequently. Oh and ordering the free catalog is a must!


  1. Hi Auralea,
    You have fantastic ideas so I know you can help. I recently gave my 9 year old daughter a dollhouse that is about 25 years old and she wants to make it her own. What's the best way to jump into this without spending too much money but getting the effect she wants - a homey feel. It has hardwood floors, electricity and some peeling wallpaper.
    Thanks Karen & Michelle

  2. Hi Karen,
    First I would take off the peeling wallpaper. Because you have electricity I would peel off any loose areas and be sure to peel off arounf the electric tape. Then paint over whats left with white and the re-apply paper. You don't want 2 layer of paper over your tape incase you want to plug a light in. That's why I would be sure to get all the paper off the tape.

    A side note: When wallpapering over electrical tape. Try not to get glue on the tape or paper in that area for just this reason.

    Everything else should be easy. Come up with a story about who lives there and the rest will fall into place. You could also repaint some existing furniture to match your idea to save money. And the most important tip I can give....Have Fun!!!!

  3. Also check out the section

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