Thursday, March 16, 2017

Making miniature waffles and a waffle iron

I am by no means great at polymer food, but I decided to go for it and see what happens. I needed a waffle breakfast for my Easter morning scene.

First I mixed a very light tan, yellow and some white Sculpey.
Used my knife to cut it square.

I had a skinny balsa wood piece so I shaved it to a small square tip with my knife. I pressed all the squares. This took a few tries to get things straight.

Then I baked it and I made a mold of it. Love this EasyMold. It cures quickly and is great to work with.

Dusted them with reddish brown pastels. I  used the brush and my fingers to get all the edges.

To make the batter I used some of the clay and mixed it with liquid polymer. I used my little painting spatula to work it until it was smooth.
Then I baked it and painted with a water soluble gloss varnish. Love how it's dripping over the edge!

For raspberries, I mixed red and transparent and rolled it out.

I balled up each one and pushed it on my toothpick and put it on the baking tile. (Or in this case a small porcelain plate.)

I have seen some amazing mini raspberries with all the details, but these will do for me. :)

The syrup gave me lots of trouble. I was trying to only use what I had on hand so my first two ideas failed. My second to last attempt was to mix a touch of brown paint with gloss varnish but because the varnish is white until it cures it was hard to see how much paint to add so I added too little.
After it dried I painted a little bit of slightly watered down brown paint in the the "syrup" areas, let it dry, and went back with the gloss varnish over it.

I like it!
I'm still debating putting coffee and orange juice in the cups, but I might want them for something else later. We shall see.

Black polymer clay for the waffle iron.
Matt board cut to size. I pressed in as shown. Pulled the piece up off the wax paper and trimmed it. The I smoothed out the edges.

I had this thin tape handy so after I painted the edges and top/bottom silver I wrapped the top and bottom with the tape to give a clean line on the edges. Then glued it all together.

Pretty good for $0!

So this is my new kitchen in my Kinfeld. To see more and how I did it visit my other blog.


  1. Me gusta mucho. Ha quedado muy bien.

  2. Genial has hecho un trabajo fantástico, los perfectos complementos para tu cocina.Felicidades:-)

  3. The waffles look good enough to eat and the idea for making them was brilliant! The waffle make is just perfect, too!

    The kitchen - holy mole! It looks so nicely done! I am popping over to the other blog now to drool a bit!

  4. An impressive breakfast every step of the way from the waffles to the berries to the syrup AND let's not forget to mention the waffle iron- WOWEE! Two Thumbs Way UP :D


  5. Love the waffle iron and your beautiful kitchen!

  6. Vow, just amazing! The waffle iron looks fabulous and I can smell and taste the waffles and raspberries!

  7. Hi Auralea! I have been back to visit this post a number of times to admire your ingenuity in making your waffle iron- Very Cleverly done!
    Today I took time to focus on the rest of your kitchen and have to say that I LOVE the way you have carried the cabinetry right up to the ceiling and connected everything with the valance over the window and the streamlined built in stove hood. I also LOVE the narrow tile backsplash and the pink granite countertop and the marble floor which is both practical as well as Elegant.
    Yours is a workable and a Very Pretty kitchen! :D