Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Antique dolls for 1:12 scale dolls

I saw a miniature doll's doll that was well out of my price range so I altered it a bit and made some for myself. I will say after attempting this I see why it was so expensive. Mine are no where near the expertise that one was but I am happy with them. They make me smile. :)

First I sculpted the heads with polymer clay, a shaper tool, and a needle tool.
I watched a few online tutorials to aid in the sculpting. Very difficult so small!

I baked the heads and then attached the heads to the torsos and baked them with the arms and legs and hair buns.

Ignore the eggs. I did those for something else since I had my clay out. :)

I put a hole through the base of the torso and at the top of the legs.

Painted the socks, shoes, and knickers with acrylic paint!

I drew the faces on with fine point markers and used gloss varnish. The markers smeared even with a fixative spray first. I would recommend spraying the gloss varnish instead of painting it on.
Paint gloss on all the body parts except the hair buns.
Hair buns: Choose the clay in the color of the hair to make it easier. Roll a piece of clay like a tube. Slice a thin piece off in a rolling motion with a flat razor. Flatten very lightly. Press against the side of the head and put on tile to bake. Glue on head and paint with color and/or gloss.

Tie a knot and thread your string through legs.

 Use a toothpick to help get the second knot tight and close to leg.

Secure knots with a small spot of white glue.

Wrap material around chest. Sew and gather small skirt and glue onto chest fabric. Use a little white glue to stop fraying. Add belt.
Wrap material around arm until it reaches the material from the other side. Snip extra away, flush to the inside of the arm. Put glue down the inside of the excess at the top and fold over.
Glue arms to body.

Display your dolly and have fun taking photos!


  1. You are So Clever!!! Your dollies really have the look of old china head dolls, which are not only totally unique but quite huggable too!