Friday, April 11, 2014

Making a dollhouse wardrobe special

I wanted to add some charm to this ordinary wardrobe so I glued on this embellishment I found at the scrapbook section of the craft store and then painted the wardrobe. Then I printed the insect pattern onto fabric. I ironed white cotton onto a sheet of freezer paper then ran it through the printer and prayed that it wouldn’t jam my printer as it finished!
Then I cut 2 thin strips of white felt and glued them onto the doors. Next, I cut the fabric to be a tiny bit bigger than the felt and glued all around the edges to give it a raised panel look. I painted the edges of the fabric the same color as the wardrobe and then I braided embroidery thread and glued it around the edges.
Now I just have to fill it with Ophelia dresses and shoes!


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