Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ophelia's Dollhouse Door

Luckily my dog woke me up early on this Saturday, so I have some extra time before I have to get some chores done and go out to meet a friend. I brought all of my “little” projects that have been lining up outside to finish.
 When I was getting ready to glue my doorknob onto the door I knew I had to add some fun to it, so I rubbed it with some charcoal, put a mat finish on it (using a soft gel made by Golden, which I use that to finish off all of my mixed media art pieces.)...
...and to top it off I wanted to add something to the corners. After looking through my inventory, I found this cool metal embellishment! I cut off the corners and glued it on. Love it! I think it might need an old brass door kick as well as a little bird nest up in the top cove. Plus, some tea stained lace curtains on the inside. :)