Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Opehlia's Bedroom

Ophelia’s bedroom. Purple was a must, her favorite color! I used scrapbook paper, but then ran out so I scanned it in, color corrected it, and then printed it out on my HP printer in a high-resolution setting (300dpi).
I discovering a set of old window blinds in my basement and began ripping them apart and used the planks for the floor. They were already beat up and discolored which saved me a lot of time!
Before I laid them down I had found a great solution for the rug. 
It’s a freaking mouse pad! Have you heard of this? Apparently I have been out of the loop. They are
called mouse rugs and they are the perfect width, but they are a bit thick, about 1/8. I made up for it by leaving a hole in the flooring for it to fit into.
They also sell them as runners. I goggled them and found the best price and bought two. They were just under $20 each.

My plan is to only buy a few things and try and make the rest myself to save money. I honestly don’t have a mini budget these days, besides the fun is in making most of the items anyway.
Then I was researching how to make a grand fireplace with a mildly creepy feel for the sitting room and ended up finding this great vintage piece on Ebay! $10! It came in the mail, but was smaller then I thought, so I put it in her bedroom. I have never like plastic furniture, but this was such an old piece and well designed so I just had to. I love it!

I did find some great sites to make my own fireplace and I will share those once I complete it and share it. Ta ta for now...


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