Monday, February 3, 2020

Dollhouse Heidi Ott removable dress 1:12

I have been building a 1930 Cracker style farmhouse from scratch and thought it would be nice to give the mother of the house a nice outfit for Mother’s Day.  You can alter this pattern to make it more modern by changing the length of the skirt. 
This is a changeable dress pattern for a 1:12 scale Heidi Ott doll. I sew a few stitches in the back so it can be snipped open and taken off, but everything else is fashioned with Tacky Glue. This is a purchased doll, I and painted her eyes and wigged her to match my time period. I also made the small shoes with painted cotton fabric and glue.

To start cut a 2 1/4” x 6” pice of fabric for the skirt. Then cut out the patterns pieces of fabric. (each grid square is 1/2”)

Cut a nice straight line for the skirt piece and run over it with fray check (I use Dritz brand).

Apply glue to the shirt arm holes and fold back. 

Apply glue to the cleavage and fold back. 

Apply glue to the back neck and fold back. 

Apply glue to the front sides of the shirt and press the back pieces face down. Trim the bottom to be even if needed.

Apply glue to the back neck and fold back. Then glue the top of the shoulders together.

Apply glue to the sleeve seams on the right side and fold over.

Make two folds opposite each other in the center of the top of the skirt.

Then continue folding to the left for the right side. Fold the right on the left side. Applying glue under each fold and pressing until it is glued.

No run glue down the folds and press. The fold pleat should get more narrow as it goes to the base of the skirt.

Test fit on your doll and determine when the seams will fold on the back and glue then down. I had to from about a 1/4” inch from one side.

Glue one back seam over the other starting about an inch down the skirt. You want the top open so you can slip it on and off the doll. 

Once all the glue is totally dry stick the skirt shut on the doll.

Put the sleeves on your finger and trim away excess from the glued seam. You want as little bulk as possible.

Turn right side out and slip the sleeves into the shirt. I slip a pencil inside and pull the sleep out a but with tweezers. Then coat with glue using a toothpick and pull the sleeve back in very carefully. Roll the pencil around inside the hole to get all the eagles glued together. Let dry.

Snip about 1/8” away from the sleeve ends and run fray check along the edge.

Use tracing paper to trace the dart place meant onto the front of the shirt. Put a tiny line of glue there and press. Let dry and do the same for the back.

Slip on the shirt and adjust where necessary. I have to pinch the back at the top with glue a bit to keep the shoulders down. Then sew the shirt shut and sew to the skirt.

Cut a belt to wrap around the waist over some glue to hold both the skirt and the shirt together. you may have to put a little glue under the shirt to glue to the skirt first. Leave a small opening in the back so you can snip the thread to take off if you plan to change her again.

Use a needle and thread to stick around sleeve and pull to gather. Mine cam out a little uneven so hopefully you can do a better job here.

I added some lace of the left and right of the neck line.

Use one strand of embroidery thread and  stick it in the center of the cleavage. Take the thread off the needle and make  a bow as if you’re timing your shoe. Put a spot of glue on it and trim away the excess string.

You did it! Now buy her some pretty flowers and see how happy she looks.


  1. NICE WORK! the pattern of the little lady's dress along with its vintage style is Perfect!
    I hope that you'll be including a sewing machine in your new build as your mini mother will probably be sewing wardrobes for her children, as well as for herself.

    1. Just catching up on posts! Yes she defiantly has a sewing machine. I think she could make a little extra fun money making and selling things from the farm! :)

  2. Gorgeous! I love the print you used.

  3. I just made this with my friend as a playdate from the American Miniaturist Tutorial! But still have to do the final touches! It looks great, though!

  4. Que bonito vestido y que bien le sienta a la figura!
    Muchas gracias por el paso a paso!

  5. Beautiful dress. Thanks for the tutorial.