Friday, February 21, 2020

Miniature flowers with flower foam

I am always excited to work with a new medium/product. Some of you may be familiar but my guess is many haven’t used this so I thought it would be useful to share.
These are a similar look to pink Delphiniums or Loosestrife. You can make shorter ones to resemble other plants or change the colors. I have a variety of plants in my mini garden some more realistic and others more abstract. You could add little green buds to the tips to trick the eye a little more but these are nice for filler to add some color to the garden.

First pour some of the flower foam into a plate.
I used a wood container lid I saved from some Brie cheese. Work it with your fingers by rubbing it on the surface to break any the clumps.

Cut a wire to about 2”. I had some wire difficulties so you may see different types in the photos. I had cloth-covered wire on a spool, but when cut, the thread unraveled. So I ended up using my regular cloth covered wire that comes long in a pack. You can also wrap wire with florist tape.

Punch some tiny holes in a piece of scrap foam board or other foam with a knife. Set to the side.

Coat your glue on the 2” stem covering about an inch. Not too thin and not too thick. Be sure it is covered all around.

Make a little pile of the flower foam and roll your wire in it. Play around and see what works best.

Use your tweezers and push the stem in the hole and let dry.

Once the stems are completely dry you can snip away anything you don’t like.

I recently invested in some flower and leaf punches. I would highly recommend this if you want to make flowers yourself. It’s a great investment!

I used one of those popular glass containers with a cork for a vase. Just cut the wire to the length you desire and slip them in. If you want you can add a touch of glue to the ends of the cloth covered stems to keep the material from unraveling. After you read the Solid Water tutorial in this issue maybe you would want to add some water to the vase?

I used a stem with leaves punch to make two branches. Then folded them gently so they had a curve and glued them in.

If you want to make this a plant, find a punch for leaves or cut them out from green paper as shown above. Bend the stem part and glue it on with semi dried Tacky Glue so they won’t keep sliding off as they are drying.


  1. Your flowers are all beautiful, you make very nice things, I love your beef stew

  2. I've never worked with Flowersoft, I'll have to give it a try, maybe make some lavender.